The Wonder of Alchemical Possibilities - [1+1=11]

The Power of Tribes (Fuck Demographics) – When we connect people at elemental parts of who we are, or at our passions, which transcend age, race, ethnicity, geography and often gender, the connective tissue is much deeper, much richer.

The Power of Context.  Understanding people’s context allows us to have a better sense of where they are coming from. Context forms the basis for how we hear, see, hold and understand any Content.  

The Magic of Language – It’s never “just” words.

Yin + Yang – We are each our own unique combo of feminine and masculine.  Embrace your Alchemy, there is no one like you.

Seeing the Bigness in People – For who they ARE, in the best versions of themselves, not in what they have “done.” 

Nurturing Others – Feeding, Pleasuring, Creating Safe Spaces.

Old School + New School – The Two, Together. 

The Power of AND - It is a word that is all about Possibilities.  Inclusion.  Transforming “but’s” and “or’s” to “and’s” shifts energy, allows us to embrace dichotomies, contrasts. 

Embrace Our Dichotomies – People who congruently connect all parts of ourselves seem to lead more fluid and joyous lives.  Not running away from parts of who we are.