tumm·ler  –noun

1. a male entertainer, as formerly employed by resorts in the Catskill Mountains, who combined the duties of a comedian, activities director, and master of ceremonies to keep the guests amused throughout the day. 

2. any lively, prankish, or mischievous man. 

3. someone who makes things happen.

Origin:  1930–35; Yiddish tumler one who makes a racket.


Jonathan Pillot is more than a tummler; he is The Tummler.  And while Jonathan is a “Connector” in that Gladwellian way, and his connecting and linking and matchmaking is a piece of what Jonathan DOES, it does not fully get to the essence of what makes him The Tummler.  As much as what he may do, it’s more about who he IS at his core, who he has always been.  At a time when technology has often created more disconnection from our “tribes”, when the extended family has deteriorated, and as a society we have often become fragmented into broken, little pieces, JP is all about creating family, making and connecting community wherever he goes - person-to-person, nabe-by-nabe, hood-by-hood – doing whatever he can to glue together as many as possible.  Anyone who enters his world for even 5 minutes gets it.  

Taking that schmaltz-cooked definition from post World War II lox and a schmear-eating Eastern Europeans now known as “New York Jews”, and bringing the old world into the “new age.”  He loves his brisket, while also savoring and relishing sushi, yoga, Facebook, tantra and his psychic.

He’s the unofficial concierge for New York.  Connector, aggregator, tour guide, travel agent, restaurant recommender, DJ, editor    


Eyes Open - Mind Open - Heart Open - Body Open - Spirit Open

A real Tummler misses nothing, all his senses are working, s/he misses nothing.  You never know what opportunity might be right there.